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FRANCE – South of France (French Riviera)

A yacht charter holiday on the French Riviera will include the razzle-dazzle; the glitz and glamour; the Versace; the Dior; the Cartier…

Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St Tropez and Marseilles…you will find it all here. You will also find energy and excitement oozing from Europe’s holidaymakers.

If you prefer lovely tranquil anchorages and unassuming waterside seafood restaurants on your yacht, you can find this too!

If you’re looking for a state of the art charter yacht, with all the toys, this is the place to find it. The Mediterranean yachting has had here a fast development due to both shore line configuration and inhabitants age-old tourism tradition. Here, the first and more equipped marinas were made. The largest pleasure crafts fleet in the Mediterranean area is located along this coast and here some of the most beautiful yachts in the word are chartered or sold.

Monaco is really a futuristic town, enjoyable, modern and with wide spaces for the social life, well conceived and cast in the limited space left between the sea and the inaccessible coast climbed by the beautiful “Corniche” bends. Underground the city gets more space, with roads and multilevel parking. The enormous space demands will be satisfied by smartly stealing it from the sea, around the Fontvieille area. Here one of the two main marinas of the Principality is placed surrounded by a large residential area and easily reachable from the Cannes International Airport by helicopters based just next to the marina.

The real yachting real, however, is Antibes. Here the largest private yachts of the Mediterranean have their home port, and the associated facilities can service to the highest standards. The old town, surrounded by fortifications such as Tour du Recrutement and Fort CarrF, was built on the promontory dividing the port from Anse de la Salis. Antibes, with its crowded alleys, characteristic restaurants, fashion stores and cozy bars, offer an exciting night life: one has the impression that sun rise arrives soon!

Cannes is even more exclusive but not suitable for large yachts. The town, the real Mediterranean center of international yachting, is located in the northern end of the La Napoule gulf, and is renown the world over for its Film festival.

The stretch of coast lying between Drammont and Camarat capes, is the most beautiful and charming one over the entire French Riviera. Here, in the area sheltered by the Iles de Hyeres (where some small but well equipped marinas are locate), at Port Cross and at Porquerolles island “yachting” is the word. The most beautiful ports and the more exclusive resorts are located here. This is the VIP tourism, the night life and the sailing yachts realm.

St Tropez is a small fishing village tucked into the coastline between the sky and the sea of the famous Cote d’Azur. In 1956, St Tropez was used as the setting for the sexy film “And God Created Woman”, starring Brigitte Bardot. The jetsetters soon came flocking to this sleepy corner of France in search of the same sensual lifestyle. Today, although St Tropez is a Mecca for the riotously rich and famous, it deserves a place on any yacht charter itinerary.Despite the growing popularity of St Tropez as a yacht charter destination, the village manages to maintain its gorgeous charm. . There are timeless back streets to explore, filled with boutique shops, delis and patisseries. The aromas of freshly baked croissants and brewed coffee waft down the cobbled streets to greet you. Enjoy a sunset drink in one of the many cafes lining the dock. Watch the sleek superyachts, maneuver into their tight berths, fender to fender.

The climate, cuisine and sophistication of the French Rivera, has for some time made it a popular destination for sailors and visitors from around the world. The coastline is striking, lipped with beaches that rest beneath hillsides heavy with yellow momisa. In summer you will find large numbers of charter yachts cruising the shoreline, although boating is possible here all year long. The climate is balmy, with long, dry summers, moderate breezes, mild winters and plenty of sunshine.

The French Riviera yacht charter scene is ever increasing in popularity and the types of yacht charter available in Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St Tropez, Iles d’Hyères and Marseilles are all types of yacht charter.

As with most of the Mediterranean, the French Riviera yacht charter season generally runs from April to the end of October.

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